Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baghali Polow/Lima or broad beans rice and dill with lamb

Baghali or Lima/ broad/Fava beans  are popular in Iran. Fava beans are used in many forms but the most popular ones is  boiling or steam cooking them and serving them with  pepper, salt and lemon juice, but the king of them all is Baghali Polow which is one of the festive food on the menu, especially in wedding ceremonies!
It can be served with Mahiche (lamb shanks) which is my favorite, chicken and turkey  or any kind of meat.

serving for 4- 6 

2 cups long grain rice
2 cups Fava (Lima) beans , I usually use fresh ones  but sometimes we use dried  or frozen ones. 
2 cups  finely chopped fresh dill can use dried dill too ...if you use dried dill you may need 1 cup only  and sprinkle it  over the drained  rice ........
2 onions
3 or 4 lamb shanks or 400 gr beef  or any kind of meat 
pepper and salt
2 teaspoons minced garlic
1 teaspoon mixed adviyeh ( cinnamon,nutmeg, powered garlic, powdered cardamom, powdered corriander seeds)
butter/ shortening or liquid oil of your own choice
 1/2 teaspoon saffron
1- bring the water to the boil  2- Add halved fava beans to the boiling  water  3- remove the foam of the water surface
 Add rice to the boiling water with beans, then after 2 mins  add finely chopped  dill , after 2 mins drain rice  


Pick over the rice , removing any stones or other  particles and  wash thoroughly under lukewarm water until the water runs clear . Soak the rice in a large container filled with water with 1 tablespoon of salt for 2 hours or more,
While the rice is soaking, wash dill thoroughly and chop finely, cook Mahiche(lamb shanks) with garlic,  meat broth , chopped onions and a pinch of black pepper....finally add a few saffron threads to give it a good flavor and color, 

Later in a large pan bring a water into a boil, first add halved Lima beans, wait for a min, remove foams rising to the surface of the water, adding lima beans  before adding rice to the water helps  beans to cook better, after a mins or so drain rice and add then into the pan, wait for a few minutes like 2 or 3 minutes and then  add dill , Try one grain to see if it’s ready , it must be barely done,not cooked fully  and not soft . Drain the rice, beans and dill in a large fine-mesh strainer or colander.

Melt 1 tablespoon butter over medium heat. distribute melted butter  evenly in the pan, and arrange some potatoes to make a crispy potato  tahdig!

Arrange rice one layer at the bottom of the pan over the  sliced potatoes . Sprinkle with pinch of Adviyeh, to taste. Follow with another layer of rice, pile the rest of the rice one layer after another . Pour 1 tablespoon melted butter  over rice, brew saffron threads in boiled water and out in inside the pan over the rice  like the way I show on the picture, 

Place a clean towel over the pot and cover firmly with a lid to absorb the steam. 
Reduce the heat to low and cook for 40 minutes or more.the approximate time is one hour not more that that. Rice grains should be separate  not sticky.
When ready to serve, gently  place it on the large serving platter and put lamb shanks over the rice or serve it beside the pilaf. This Pilaff is delicious served with yogurt and salad.

 Nooshe jaan!

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