Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Khoresh Fesenjaan, chicken in walnut and pomegranate paste

walnut and pomegranate combination is one of  my favorites, but I can't take the  credit of uniting these two yummy tastes, older generation of Iran is responsible for this  tasty attack,   not only tasty but healthy!
genius   right? genius and perfectly done!  I am sure once you eat it you will be hooked, this food is so try-worthy ,
lets get started!

Khoresh fesenjaan:

1 cup walnut   finely chopped/ground or minced

1/2-1 cup pomegranate paste dissolved in water....or  2 -3 cups pomegranate juice 9if pomegranate paste is not available)
600 gr boneless chicken ...

water and chicken stock (3  large cups)
2  medium onions  finely chopped
1/2 tea spoon cinnamon ....optional
2 table spoon    oil  of your own choice  .... I prefer walnut oil ..or  grape seed oil
salt to taste

 1- fry chopped onions in  2 table spoon oil  for about 4 mins only to tender them , add chicken pieces and fry them until they change the color 
2- grind walnuts, some people  mince walnuts finely  but I prefer to have crunchy texture for this stew, add the grounded walnuts into the pan and stir the mixture of chicken onion and walnut for a while up to grounded walnuts release its fragrance just like toasting them . do not burn the walnuts while frying the mixture, 
3- add a cup of water into the pan and let it simmer covered  over the  medium/low heat , after 15-20 mins add another cup of water or stock, let it simmer for another 20 mins,  I add water to the mixture gradually  to help walnuts to release its oil, 
4-after 20  mins add pomegranate juice or its paste and let it simmer for  20 mins   you should remember to stir it occasionally ,you can add salt ,  a table spoon of sugar and  cinnamon to taste as per your choice, I prefer to have sour  taste  in fesenjan without cinnamon and sugar, the mixture should not be too thick or thin , when it is ready, serve it with plain rice,

Enjoy fesenjaan !

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